Inspiring better leaders in creating outstanding subordinates

About Us

We are student officers currently undergoing FOAC, as middle managers in the fire service we thought of promoting the importance of encouraging leaders like us to continue building up and sharing best practice. We have been working closely with our agency partners, attending conference workshops and promoting positive work ethic through the publication of our internal magazine. All our work is aimed at attracting the best talent we can get, and to be able to successfully deliver effective service for the people.

We are looking to tap into the expertise of the young leaders in the fire service in order to carry out an initiative that focuses on improved training, which leads to better training, and builds a more effective fire service.
PPSC provides a structured period of study over a period of time, to enable individuals who have a high aptitude for learning new topics, and who possess a desire to engage with young leaders and fire service executives, to enhance their current knowledge, improve their ability to be creative and resourceful, and to become a more effective leader and fire officer.

“Through the years, PPSC continues to remain as a steadfast partner of the Department and its attached agencies in ensuring that the education and training of future and current leaders of the uniformed service remain responsive, relevant, and reliable in the ever evolving landscape of public safety and security.” said Eduardo M. Año, DILG Secretary. “We aim to engage the full range of the fire service’s talented young leaders, giving them the time to engage in cutting edge professional development. This initiative will not only equip those students with the skills and abilities needed to lead fire services well into the future, but also ensure that we can continue to retain our very best fire officers who can bring a renewed energy and focus, into the fire service.”

The College offers different programs of study in various disciplines including Fire Sciences, Human Resources Management and Education Management.

PAFTS will now be able to engage future leaders in the Fire Services on topics that are highly pertinent to the service and to develop them into the best leaders and fire officers of the country.

PPSC students are also taking advantage of their time to engage with members of the fire community, and other fire officers. Students are not just attending courses, but are participating in workshops and in training courses to ensure that they are familiar with their work. Students also engage in various sports, like basketball, volleyball, and track and field.

Anyone can become a part of this initiative. Please contact us for more details.